System deleted from eMMC. Any hope?

Hello! During cloning to use an ssd, i accidentally deleted windows 10 from the emmc storage. I don’t have a system image to use for recovery and the herobook does not have a usb boot option. Is there a way to reinstall windows 10 or is my herobook dead?

Sure it doesn’t support USB-Boot? Maybe your Installmedia is just formatted incorrectly or something

Can’t find in boot manager any usb option although i had an external DVD drive connected…any tips?Or do i have to try with a usb stick?

Try with a USB-Tumbdrive instead. You can download the media-creation tool directly from Microsoft. It will guide you through the process if a compatible drive is connected. External DVD-Drives sometimes have driver issues.

Will a usb stick appear in the boot manager? I will give it a try and report back

Normally it should, at least in the BIOS

It worked! USB flash drive is bootable :ok_hand: Thank you very much for your assistance!!

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