Problem with the stylus

Hello, I migrated to windows 11 on my chuwi ubook x tablet, following numerous errors I made a new installation of windows 10.

Except that now the stylus (H7) no longer works.

(Despite several installation attempts, the “GoudixtouchDriver” driver still does not appear in the device manager)

could someone help me please??

Hello, please provide the serial number and model number on the back of the machine, thank you

I don’t know if that’s it but behind the tablet, there is a inscription: “Designed by CHUWI Made in China Input 12V 2A TYPE: CW1635”

Model:CWI520 Hi12 Q64G45170101324

Windows için Posta ile gönderildi

Is it possible to use a surface pen on UBOOK X?

It should be. They’re supposed to use the same pen protocol, so I’d say “yes”.