Problem with USB port

Hi,all… I just boughth a Lapbook Pro and I am facing a strange problem with the usb port.
If i connect a usb key everything is working fine, but I have big problems with external hard disks.
I have two external usb disks: a ssd usb 3.0 and a mechanical 3.0
The ssd is never recognised, the mechanical is recognised but connected only if the lapbook is powered from the power supply (no way to access to it with battery only).
Moreover the file trasfer using the mechanical disk is unacceptably slow…

The problem is that the battery does not have enough power to power the external units, it will only read the ones that have less consumption and could even turn off the laptop.

This can be one use case while I think Lapbook is powerful enough to supply power from the battery to a normal External Drive over usb.

I would say, please try connected a dual USB cable to the External drive so it can get enough juice to power on the drive but for this you need to have multiple usb connector on the laptop, so the next option is to use a powerful USB-C to USB3 dock which might help but that’s not sure.

I hope this advice will be helpful.

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Thank You all. You are both right, it’s a power consumption problem.
Feeding an additional power (via a powerbank or an external powered usb hub) to the disk solves the problem. Even using an SSD usb disk won’t solve the problem, infact SSD have higher power consumption to mechanical disks.
My question, now, is: do You think that high capacity (256/512GB) usb keys would have the same issue or do they work with lower power needs?