Problems with the Keyboard

On my keyboard the keys are very weak. The space bar often stays low when i press it and goes back only after few press. I also have problem with the layout because I am italian. Which is the layout of the Kayboard I have to set on windows?

Ciao Giampiero. Puoi provare a smontare il tasto, in rete ci sono vari tutorial. In alternativa manda una mail alla Chuwi per chiedere un cambio…
Per il layout o compri degli stick per la tastiera italiana (ma perderesti la retroilluminazione su quei tasti con lo stick…) o selezioni la tastiera americana.
Nelle opzioni di Win cerchi layout tastiera e selezioni quella americana.

PS Hai gia installato i drivers aggiornati per la tastiera?

Per il layout ho risolto. Per i driver non ho controllato ma in caso ci siano problemi proverò ad aggiornare. Il tasto proverò ma ho paura di fare più danno che altro.

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se non riesci a regolare ls retroilluminszione della tastiera dai tasti appositii allora hai i driver vecchi…e ti rimane la retroilluminazione a coperchio chiusa che drena batteria in standby…

Have you tried cleaning the keyboard? You can vacuum or air blow out the keyboard. Also, turn the keyboard upside down and tap on the keys to make any dirt drop out. Another thing to try is to unplug the keyboard and use isopropyl alcohol to clean the it and let it dry afterward before plugging it back in.

I have no issue with the keys on my UBook Pro keyboard.

If it is brand new, you might want to think about returning it or contacting Chuwi support.

Thank you for your advice.
May I ask you some tricks to improve battery life? Thank you

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Here are some of the things to try to improve battery life:

Update the Intel Dynamic Platform and Thermal Framework drivers (there should be three of them).

Make sure you have the minimum processor state for on Battery at 5%. I would also recommend it at 5% for plugged in as well as this will reduce the heat produced.

Check the power options to improve battery life over performance while under battery power.

Reduce the screeen brightness on battery. Full brightness uses battery fast.

Ok. I also noticed that the charger does not always blink green as soon as I plug it and it does not charge the ubook. I need to plug and unplug it or leave it plugged for a while. When it turn green it can charge the ubook. Do you think is
a charger fault?

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Hi, Giampiero. Follow this guide to fix space button.
First of all you’ll need this

Open your pen and take a spring

Cut from it piece like this or even smaller

Open your space button like this with a knife but be careful to not remove it

Then place the piece of the spring on the silicon pin

Close the button and make sure to push it carefully on all of the button’s area until you hear click. Also you can do it many times with many variations of string size. Good luck

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I prefer to remove it and try to bend the metal bars that are responsible for the “go back up” mechanism. Any suggestion?

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I don’t think that metal bars is responsible for back up mechanism, 'cause only few buttons have it. Like almost any other button can be lifted without it. I think that the strength of silicon lift button up and metal bars only for support of position or something. But if you succeed in your idea, please share photos.