RZBox unstable system

Can not install OS on Samsung 970 or 980 2TB ssd NvME.
Works with old, small Samsung MZVLW256HEHP.
Bios detect all the SSDs, but if i try to make a partition during installation, system crash. Unable to complete Samsungs Magician Check, ended with errors. System shuts down. Intel Driver and Support Assistant detects all different SSDs (970+980) on the second slot, but i can not open storage, system crash. Message:" You try to open not existing device)
Do i have to modify BIOS settings, if I want to use two bigger SSD`s then 256GB?

I get a short answer from chuwi service about our issues:
“Hello, we recommend using SSD below 3.3V 1.5A, thank you”
nothing about size or speed of SSD`s

Known issue with those drives unfortunately with the RZBox. I’m using 1TB WD Blues without issues in both slots.

Good morning everyone,
I have tried several SSDs (the Samsung 970 EVO PLUS 1tb) has many problems. Unfortunately though, I have frequent random crashes even with the supplied Kingston SSD.
The crashes occur at random, using browsers, for example opening a page where there is a video the browser crashes and freezes the whole system (keyboard, mouse …) I can only turn off with the power button. The thing is repeated on (Edge, Chrome and Firefox). I have already installed the bios update but nothing changes.

I have no more trouble, changed the not working Samsung_970 or 980 SSD´s (to high Wattage) into slower.# Kingston NV1 NVMe PCIe SSD 2000GB M.2 2280 - SNVS/2000G on both slots.
Chuwi told me to use only 3.3V max 1.5A= 4,95 W
For safety i cover them with modified (because the two slots are too close together) cooler, heatsinks with heatpipe.

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Tested with Cinebench and CoreTemp.
Result: max. CPU-Temp=110C, no shutdown, SSDs Temp= 41C´

Only this is not the problem of Samsung drives but RZBOX. It is the fault of the device itself. I have information from Chuwi that the drives should be below “3a” Samsung GEN 980 pro has 2.9a and GEN3 970 evo plus 2.7a so on paper they should work. During the pre-order campaign there was no information about limitations. When buying versions without ram and disk it is logical that by choosing such a version you want to buy the best additional components. I personally understand the disappointment of users and for me ( and probably for most) buying another weaker drive is not a solution.

You are absolutely right, if Chuwi is a serious company, they should activate a refund or replacement policy for the equipment. In fact for a 2021 machine also planned for windows 11 it would have been logical to put on the market a tested machine with at least a fast 1Tb ssd and 32gb Ram. If nothing else, at least include it in the price list. In fact so it’s almost unusable for work, every time you use it for work you have to make sure you save often, otherwise you risk throwing away hours of work and data loss. Hopefully the problem is BIOS/DRIVER/SOFTWARE, because if it’s hardware we can just throw it in the bin.

on Samsung page the power consumtion is described:
980 pro:3,3V Average: 6.1 WMaximum: 7.2 W (Burst mode);
970 EVO Plus: 3,3V Average: 6 W, Maximum: 9 W (Burst mode)

Calculate the Amps, higher then CHUWI`s aftersale recommended 1,5A for one slot, for both 3A?

My opinion: “If anyone ( or myself ) buy something (a Barebone) without known specifications it is on our own risk.”

If there are no exclusions in the specs or clearly defined values then you assume that for a given part, in this case NVME m.2, there are no limitations. Buying the “Barebone” version when the manufacturer allows it without mentioning any limitations cannot be treated as “your own risk”.

On the product page you have the information, quote

"Upgrade friendly
You can access the inside by removing the eight screws that secure the side. There are two types of expansion space inside. You can further increase the capacity according to your own needs.

  • DDR4 dual channel SODIMM slot x 2 (expandable up to 64GB in total)

  • M.2 2280 PCle NVMe SSD (expansion up to 5TB)"

In Specifications:

“External memory M.2 expansion up to 5TB (not included)”

If we find out about the limitations after the purchase (when they weren’t stated) it doesn’t absolve any manufacturer from product liability.

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I would like to report if anyone has my same problems, that freezing of Microsoft Edge and the system, is due to an incompatibility of Edge with AMD graphics drivers or even hardware.
I have tried disabling Hardware Acceleration in Edge and the problems no longer occur. Another app that gives the same problems is “Movies and TV”.
The same problem occurs with Chrome, I think they are now based on the same engine.