Safe mode and airplane mode

Hello, anyone can help me? My hero book was fine the last time i use it, but when i open it i struggle to start because it was just black and keep loading starting up, so i tried to on and off. It was on now but i was confused its was in the safe mode and in airplane mode, so no internet connection,i cannot update anything. I tried to open the network settings but the moment i will tap the settings it will crashed and back to the screen. I’m worried that I don’t know what to to, tried to research how to fix it but still cannot do. Then i tried to reset everything and delete and install local windows it will go back to the same screen and the resetting is undone, it says due to some issues. Please help


Better action to do now is to use a USB Drive and run Recovery Tool instead of install.

With Recovery tool, you may try to first fix Startup issues. If this does not solve the issue, there is an option on recovery tool that is to restore to previous version where you can choose and this will return to the previous working version before last update/software install .

Create a recovery drive - Microsoft Support