Hero book Air bricked

My hero book Air boots to bios, from it I can see he recognised USB drives but I can’t boot from one…
I thought it was SSD so I put a new M2 (512gb) but this didn’t change anything.
I’m not skilled for anything regarding fixing, but I would like to try if you give me simple steps to try to sort it out…
By advance thank you!

Make sure under the boot option the USB is the first option and if you created a recovery drive install it in the usb port. If not you may have to create a bootable USB using microsoft media creator and reinstall windows version. I have had windows 11 become corrupt 3 times and had to use the recovery disk to get it back.

Thanks a lot John ,yes in the meantime I succeeded to boot on a flash drive (1st one was not recognised but another one booted), so I could get a Linux to check system, and no drive other than USB/SD was detected
I guess that if it is hardware there is not much to do. Laptop will have run for 1 hour… and Aliexpress seller not responding (not official store)