Service ubook 11,6 don't exists

good morning
short summary:

  • I purchased from GEEK in February ubook (the transaction is attached)
  • stopped working at the end of February
  • I contacted you to fix it and you told me that it was not possible due to covid, offering me a refund
  • I sent you ubook through your DHL ticket (attached the DHL ticket)
  • Once you arrive, you tell me to ask for a refund on Wish
  • On Wish, since there is no purchase (because purchased on GEEK), they do not intend to refund me (find their email below)
    _ how can I do? I was fine with the repaired ubook.

from shipping to chuwi service I have not yet seen a refund or a repair


In this case, you should ask Geek customer service to help you solve the problem.