Social Media Request

I am an Influencer and i want to be a Partner with/from you.
I have 12k on Instagram: kurdoo.72
20k on TikTok: 72mero
My Videos and Posts go viral everytime.
Best regards

Your followers in networks seem fake. You don’t give me any confidence

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Interesting to see 12k followers following a profile with 0 post.

I would like to know how did you get so many followers?

Please share.

Okay, i understand that you think that my Followers are Fake.
I think you mean the Instagram Followers.
I dont know how but one day i got over 11k Followers (9-10 days ago).
It think it was because the TikTok Video got viral.
The TikTok Followers are active, they are commenting every Video, Liking my Videos and watch my Livestreams.
Best Regards

Is tiktok a good way to promote electronic devices?

I think most effective is YouTube, twitter and facebook.
Rest are just complimentary like

Good luck getting a sample device :wink:

I am waiting for one to support our linux platform but never got any positive response since a year now :slight_smile: