[SOLVED] Ubook pro bluetooth and wifi network disappear!

i have ubook pro.
i did window update, and then disappear bluetooth.

so i used program to find drivers and istalled drivers.

by the way, disconect wifi network.

i think that the drivers of bluetooth and wifi network not woking.

how could i find ubook pro drivers?

do i wait for official?

N4100 or 8100Y? And your serial number?

my ubook pro is N4100.
is the serial number to back of ubook?
GLK UBook PQ256G19111472
is it right?

Ubook Pro uses Intel Wifi & Bluetooth adapter so you could try to get one at Intel Download Center :face_with_monocle:.

i fixed network by your method.^^

self answer and fix!

  1. remove recent windows update.
  2. no use auto driver utillity.
  3. download (WiFi_21.50.1_Driver64_Win10) and (BT_21.50.0_64_Win10) at intel website.
  4. showed bluetooth category and wifi in bottom work icon.