Soundproblem after Standby

Hi Community,

I have the following Problem:
Wenn I boot up my U-Book Pro everything is fine, Sound is working.

But when it turns to standby and i wake it up again, after a few seconds the little speaker in the taskbar shows mir a red cross.
When i show into the device manager the Realtek HD Audio Device ist gone to hidden devices and shows me error code 45 “device unpluged”

After restarting windows everything is working again until standby.

I also tryed a factory reset, which dosn’t helps.

I have the m3-8100y version

Anyone else had this problem?

some solutions maybe?

Try installing the Realtek HD Audio Codec Driver R2.81. The lastest version R2.82 has some known bugs.

Are you using the headphone jack? If so, test it without the headphones plugged in.

Try turning hibernation off:
Goto Command Prompt(admin) or PowerShell(Admin)
powercfg -h off


I never installed a new driver and disabled the automatic driver update.
But i tryed new driver, an the instaler telled me i have no compatible hardware -.-
so i searched at other manufactors websites for the same specs. i could instal the driver they worked but the problem still exists.

now i maked a complete clean install with a fresh windows 10 not the chuwi recover version and it works now.

I think some driver corruption from one of the windows updates.

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