The battery meter in my minibook is incorrect

When using a mini book, the battery continues to display 100%. It doesn’t change at all. At one point while in use, a message appears that the battery voltage is low, and after a while the mini book is turned off. When charging, accurately indicate battery charge. Does anyone know the cause?

Hi ys0142 I have same problem here. waiting solution from another user / admin. cheers :wink:

hi ys0142, i have version 4100. When charging, it shows correctly. When using a laptop, the discharge reaches 42% and the laptop turns off. When you connect the charger, the laptop wakes up and show 1%. Tried already 3 full charge / discharge. 43% and the laptop dies :frowning: friends help, what need doing?

After completely discharging the battery 6 to 7 times,
100% charging is repeated and the battery indication is working normally at this time, please note.