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I first faced the problem of blue screen. After trying various checks like Chkdisk, SFC scan, registry clean up, I tried fresh installation of windows from a USB stick without deleting the existing partitions. The installation failed with 0x80070570 error. After shutting down the PC, it has not started again. It is giving black screen error now. The PC is completely dead/bricked. Please provide links for bios, drivers and windows for AirQ64G19032096. Also, since the tablet is newly bought, please provide info on warranty assistance. Thanks.

Everything described corresponds to the operation of Windows and its updates and in no case, the operation of the tablet.Afterwards, its performance on the device was not successful since the clean installation of Windows requires, in addition to the use of the appropriate drivers, the initial removal of the system partitions, usually from the 100 MB partition. until the recovery and install Windows in the unallocated space result after having removed these partitions.Can you try to boot the tablet with the Windows pendrive connected by pressing F7 intermittently until the boot selection menu comes out?I want to remind you that any manipulation or reinstallation of the system voids the product warranty.

The tablet doesn’t boot by pressing F7 with USB stick attached. I don’t think it will recover unless it is flashed with the BIOS of the clamp. I am using this Tablet in India, where Chuwi has no service centre, so please ignore the warranty request and provide me with the links for bios and drivers (though I had backed up the drivers from the Tablet b4 trying the fresh install). Thanks.

If you didn’t touch the Bios the tablet should turn on.You can try this:
Press the power button for 30 seconds.
Press the power button 3 times for half a second
Put the charger and try to turn on.

In this link you can download the files you need in case you can’t turn on

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chuwi Hi10 Air Touch screen is not working please help me .