Touch Screen replacement (12.3 Surbook model)

Hi there, I have been looking for a touchscreen replacement for my 12.3 model (I have found some for the mini 10.8) for quite some time with no luck.

Any one has any idea of the Part number, or any tips to find the screen replacement in the market, or even the whole LCD + screen? Also, any experiences with replacing it for this model? I am guessing it should be possible to replace the touchscreen and not the whole block for a non-laminated screen but I am not really sure if this is worth it or I should just get rid of the tablet.


Maybe I should add some background: I have had the Surbook serviced under guaranty twice already. Now this is not under guaratee any more and and are not responding

I have the same issue.

I had a broken touchscreen and the touch function can not work anymore.

Is there any way to replace the broken touchscreen ?

Thanks !

It’s a shame, that CHUWI doesn’t respond! I’ll probably avoid their products in future.
I have seen advices from some independent shops, which are offering repair-service for Microsoft Surface-Book Tablets, using the identical panel-type. Maybe they are able to help you. Good luck, and pls keep us informed in case of success… Thanks