TPM Module UBook Pro


I recently acquired a UBook Pro. In Windows with TPM.msc, I pressed “Clear TPM module” intending to encrypt my system drive. However, after reboot, this console reports that no supported TPM modules can be found. What is more in this picture in bios it disappeared too!

In hidden devices in the device manager, there is a TPM module but with error 45. I contacted the support, and they claimed that this device does not have a TPM module.

Please could someone confirm that you have such a device in device manager (you need to choose “show hidden devices”) and that in bios you can see it too?

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The TPM module appears for my Ubook Pro device manager.

Thanks for your response, Silurian. Can you take a photo of the respective screen in the BIOS (Advanced -> Trusting Computing)?
Thank you in advance.

Below is my BIOS settings you requested. If these are missing for you, maybe you can restore the BIOS defaults and they will come back?

Unfortunately, it did not work. I reset my BIOS settings, I even reflashed it. Without any results. Anyway, thanks to you I have arguments to speak with support who denys the problem.

Ok. Please keep us informed of the outcome and any resolution.

Maybe you have some sort of hardware issue with the TPM chip?

Here is my tpm.msc command output as well.

Hi everyone!

I managed to fix my issue by fully discharging and recharging the device. The tpm device reappeared in the BIOS. Actually the chuwi’s technical support denies that they have it.
It is so annoying.

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