Trouble viewing movies or television

Hello, I am new on this forum.
Just got recently this computer.
Viewing movies or television through wifi is always shortly cut as if the wifi line was bad. My wifi line is excellent and powerful and do not have this problem with other Samsung and apple tablets.
Has any of you this same problem?
Pilot of wifi card is up to date.
What can I do or are the components of this computer outdated?
Thanks for your helps.

The Wi-Fi speed in this tablet is ~ 30-40Mb, for the better speed you need an external Wi-Fi adapter.

Thanks for your info.
But what kind of wifi adaptater you are speaking of?
Can you tell me more.
This is the first time I here about such thing for a computer.
I look also on my side
Best regards

I found what is wifi adaptater.
Thanks again

You can try to increase the size of the paging file that is a part of the internal storage that the system will dedicate as immediate access memory such as RAM.

To do this type system in the box at the bottom left, in the results choose the first one (system, control panel), in the next screen choose advanced system configuration, and in the next window, select in the field performance, configuration .
Once there, select the configuration screen and in the next window, in virtual memory click on change.
A new window will open and in it custom mark and in the size field, put an amount in megabytes for the file (test with 4096 MB) accept the changes and see if the performance has improved and there are no cuts in the reproduction

Thank you manonegra222…
I will try your proposal.
But do you think if pluging a powerfull external wifi it can work, or wil there be a conflict with the installed wifi card?
If I do not succeed, I will return the unit as I am still in the 30 days period.
Thanks for your help.

With an external Wifi adapter it will greatly improve the download speed and will work without problems.

OK merci beaucoup.
I’ll buy one and see the result

Hello, you solve your problem with the extern wifi dongle?
In advance of your answer

Yes it works 95% well. Very little cuts. If you have the same problem it is a good solution.
But it is pitiful that Chuwi still sell this rubish wifi Realtek card, which is obsolete now for standard use for watching movies or television. I Don’t speak of online games.

Hello, thx for your answer, yes i have the same problem.
i want to do your solution testing