Ubook CWI509 Black screen

Hey everyone, came here hoping for helps with this tablet that is not even a month old yet.

Today when I went to turn the tablet on, the blue light went on as normal… but nothing else. The screen stayed black and NOTHING happened. I have tried:

  • holding power button down for 30 seconds
  • Holding power button with vol + and vol - held down
  • tried attaching a HDMI (mini) cable to a monitor to see if that comes up

So far all a blank screen. Can any help with any ideas? There is a lot of important information on this that I need to get off of it.

Update: I was able to fix this issue by completely draining the battery, making sure its totally drained by trying to turn it on a few times, then recharge. It works!

thanks for sharing. You can help other users