Ubook Pro keyboard backlight during AC shutdown issue

I have installed the new keyboard and touchpad drivers from Chuwi for the Ubook Pro. Most of the issues have been resolved. Thank to Chuwi for supplying these updated drivers.

However, there are two problems that still remain.

  1. If you shutdown, unplug the AC power, wait for a few minutes for the battery to discharge, then apply AC power, the keyboard backlight will come on and stay on while the AC power is plugged in. It appears that any time you charge the Ubook Pro under AC power, the keyboard backlight will come on after the plugging in of the AC power and will never turn off.
  2. After you shutdown under AC power and press any key, the keyboard backlight will come on and stay on.

Hopefully Chuwi can help resolve this issue of the keyboard backlight staying on during shutdown (on AC power)? I don’t think there is any need for the keyboard backlight to come on in any instance during shutdown.

I have already sent an email to aftersale@chuwi.com informing them of this issue.

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For #2, I found a work-around solution for the backlight turning on for a keypress during AC connected shutdown. You need to uncheck the “Turn On Fast Startup” option in the power settings. Once I turned off fast startup, I can shutdown under AC power and not have the backlight come on when a key is pressed. Unfortunately, this does not solve the backlight turning on when removing and reinserting AC power.

Because Ubook Pro does not turn off completely under Fast Startup, it goes to sleep mode S3 or S5 according to BIOS setting :neutral_face:

I would think it would always be better to turn off Fast Startup for laptops or tablets. That way there should be less power usage/battery drainage under a complete shutdown.

Most of the time, laptop and tablet users would put their devices to sleep for faster wake up times. But when users need to shutdown, they would be better off with a complete shutdown as the “Fast Startup” really only shaves a few seconds off the normal power on.

It appears that Chuwi had a fix back in late January and I see they have a link to it. I installed this update using the same method as the previous update by removing and reconnecting the keyboard after each of the three steps. It appears to fix the backlight issue that I originally posted about.

This is not the same keyboard fix released in early January. This one should fix both backlight issues stated in my above posting.

THe file does not exist anymore. Any ideas on where to get the file? Thanks!

It appears that Chuwi has removed this file. Try to send an email to service@chuwi.com and request them to send you the file or give you the location to download it.