UBook Pro keyboard backlight issues

The Ubook Pro 8100Y keyboard backlight does not turn off when you close the keyboard cover. Even if you dim the backlight all the way down with the Fn+< combo, the backlight will turn back on when the cover is closed. Also, the keyboard backlight is always on when charging in shutdown state and cannot be turned off.

The keyboard backlight setting is missing from the Windows Mobility Center which probably means there is some sort of driver issue.

Can Chuwi create a fix for this terrible keyboard backlight problem?

I think the keyboard’s chip does not save the backlight status, so it’s auto-reset itself after sometimes to max brightness level. Unless Chuwi change another keyboard design, the problem seems to be persistent. :dizzy_face:

I would assume that the backlight brightness control is done in software. Maybe Chuwi can push out a firmware change for the keyboard to fix this issue?

Otherwise, the keyboard backlight will stay on when using battery power with the keyboard cover closed. This cause both a battery drain and a heat issue. It is a terrible, terrible design flaw.

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It would be good if the default brightness of the keyboard back-light can be set for battery mode and AC mode separately to allow different settings and I agree that the keyboard back-light should be set to off if the tablet is sleeping or hibernating.

Chuwi has already released an update that corrects this bug: [Official] The way to optimize keyboard power consumption for UBook Pro

Yes, I am aware. This thread is 20 days old.

Hi Chuwi Team,

But it does not fix the bug that the keyboard back-light is turned on when charging via USB-C, for me whenever I plug in my USB-C powerbank with 45W the keyboard back-light is switched on, which does not help with the quick charging of the tablet.
I also noted that if the tablet is connected to the keyboard, that Windows power options do not work as expected and that if the tablet is out of power and rebooted it will tell me that my PIN is not working anymore.
You really have to look into that because it is very annoying on a UBook Pro which should be supporting all the latest Windows power options and functionality at all times.