Ubook x 2023 usb don't recognize

Tablet does not recognize the flash drive, error - usb don’t recognize.
When you connect the mouse, everything works, after rebooting, the mouse also disappears, the external hard drive works.
I also can’t connect the DualSense gamepad.
I changed the settings in the BIOS, nothing helped, the flash drive is also not detected in the BIOS.
Can anyone help ? Has anyone come across this?

Did not experience any problems with the usb A or C. Not with dongles or storage devices. May be there is a problem with the usb memory stick…file format FAT, exFAT, NTSF? Micro hdmi also works well. Sorry :person_shrugging:

Hi, no, usb flash drive is ok, trying many usb drive, same error.

Did it work at the beginning, or did it happen after some Win update? Did you try to contact support and ask for drivers? Maybe an update overrode the Chuwi driver. If the port is faulty, the mouse wouldn´t work at all. Also try to look into the power settings in Windows, if the USB power management is not set incorrectly. Maybe the system just turns of the port to save power.

at the beginning everything worked well, then I changed the system from Windows 11 to Windows 11, everything worked well, then at some point I connected the dualsense gamepad, played, everything was fine
Then I just left the tablet, connected the gamepad again, error - usb don’t recognize

From Win 11 to Win 11?

First of all, you have to find out if the problem corresponds to hardware (port in poor condition, poor connection, bent port pins…) or software (incompatible driver update or loss of driver). To do this you must get a hub with USB B input and type A outputs and connect the devices there. If they work, the problem will be with the port and you should check to see if it is possible that one or more pins have been bent when connecting an unusual device. In the case of a driver problem, you could update them to the original ones of the device but of course, you would have to have made a copy of them and this is unfortunately not very common among users. If you tell me the exact model and serial number I will try to locate them.