"USB keyboard not recognized error"


I am getting USB “device not recognized error” whenever I plug in the keyboard.

Windows 10 operating system.
Purchased in February 2021.

I have tried updating the drivers
I have tried uninstalling usb and reinstalling
I have tried changing power settings as suggested by other help forums
I have updated windows and restarted lots of times
I have tried many things.

Error has not changed.

When restarting the tablet, the keyboard “blue light” does come on briefly but none of the keyboard keys work.

Can you suggest how to fix this please?

I am a student and need my laptop for my study.

Thank you

Try plugging in a USB cable version keyboard to get into the BIOS, and load the default BIOS settings.

Hi Gortys. I tried this and was able to reset the BIOS to default settings but this made no difference. I am continuing to get the same error. When I go to device manager I see the same error

The Blue keyboard light should be on when plugged into the tablet that is on.

So when connected, and you switch on the tablet, it should come on and stay on. If it does not, I think it’s a hardware problem, not the OS.

Either the connection or keyboard is faulty.

I think you should contact Chuwi service.

Thanks for the feedback

Hai risolto? Anch’io ho lo stesso problema

Переустановка виндовс и сброс BIOS до заводских настроек. Должно помочь