Ubook X N4120 Didnt come with everything

I recently bought a ubook off ebay and it just arrived. After opening the package I found that it did not have a keyboard or a stylus, It was only the tablet. I had double checked with the ebay Support chat to ask if it came with both, They said yes, but it didn’t come with either one What do I do now? Is there a way for Chuwi to just send a keyboard and a stylus? Ideally I don’t want to return the tablet because it would cost a bunch of money and I would have to wait even longer.

The above image shows what I got after opening the package.

I did buy it off the official eBay store. I did not buy it off of someone random.

Send me your order number and the screen picture of the order, so i can talk with my colleague in charge of Ebay

Order Number: 03-11238-87672

The keyboard wasnt completely explist however it was a given due to the fact that the keyboard cant be bought on its own

I talked with my colleague and he said he wrote you an email saying that the order does not come with a keyboard and pen. It was clear on the order:

this is the link that includes them:(

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Is there any way, to get even just the keyboard since it’s an essential part of the tablet and I can’t get it on its own so far.

In which country do you live? I can see which store has it available for you to buy.

Im in Canada, thats what mostly makes the shipping stuff a nightmare

let me ask if we can avoid customs duties, as it needs to be shipped from China,and its just a keyboard.

It cant be avoided unless made in Mexico or the US but I personally find the $4 - $5 Cad taxes/duties that is estimated acceptible

I asked my colleague from the Global shop and no customs. You can buy from here:

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