UBook X Replacement Charger

I need to purchase a new charger for my UBook X. I need the specifications to make sure I purchase one that is compatible. I’ve already emailed aftersale-service@chuwi.com, but I have not heard back. Does anyone know a charger that is compatible with the UBook X?

In service@chuwi.com they should tell you how to get the original replacement charger and its price, but the best advice is to get a Power Delivery charger, of at least 40 Watts to be able to charge the tablet and other devices with just one charger and not have to carry multiple chargers. There are chargers on Amazon, with output C with Power Delivery and also with standard type A outputs to charge other devices.

An example: https://www.amazon.es/LYCANDER-Cargador-Adaptive-Ladetechnologie-PD-025PT/dp/B08DRTSMK7

The same happens with power banks, which to work with the Ubook X, they need to be Power Delivery

I bought this and seems to work fine (PD 48 w port, using Usb C to C cable)