Update windows v2004 but touch screen not worked

After install Windows v2004 may update i2c hid not worked.
Does the update work for anyone?

Make sure everything is fully up to date by going to update and security, Windows update.
If everything is up to date and still does not work, you will have to go back to the previous driver if the option is available and if not, you will have to download the drivers from the official thread and reinstall the official Chuwi

Hello everyone.
Yesterday I made the biggest mistake … updating Windows in my Ubook (12.3 inch)!
Unfortunately, even in my case the upgrade to W10 v 2004 resulted in a not working touchscreen, exactly as gazdriver.
I was hoping that going back to the previous version would fix the problem, but it persists … no touchscreen!

The problem is that even doing the automatic search for the touchscreen driver, it turns out to be up to date (responding to manonegra222), so remains in a problematic state. The same goes for trying to update it using the files in the driver package on this site.

As soon as the Ubook arrived, I proceeded to create a recovery disk. Let’s hope that at least this procedure works …
But I would like to try other ways first!

I was delighted with the device, but now I don’t know what to think! KO for an update! Mah!
I’m sad and angry and I fear this could be a good ‘made in china’ rip off. But as a user of the brand, I’m ready to change my mind!