USB-C not charging and Heavy drain when using RJ45 adapter

  1. when I plug in the supplied USB-C charger cable - it doesn’t chage
  2. when I plug in a RJ-45 Lan adapter, the battery goes down, with the supplied 12v2A power supply connected. If I unplug the Lan adapter then it starts to charge again.

Please write to

Problem is with one faulty power management IC

Hi Management,

Thank you for your suggestion, I have been in touch with, is that the same?


Yes :slightly_smiling_face:

OK, Thanks I may well be back in touch with you, They sent a response this morning to another problem (stickey keyboard) which to me feels like a software driver priority problem, saying “Keyboard problems should be hardware” but not suggesting how to do anything about it.

Since I now use the tablet for my business, I dont particularly want to send it bak before getting a replacement that may or may not have the same problem 2 months later!

Hi “Management”, says I should return it to them at my expense - given that this is a fault from brand new, I have paid chuwi for this in advance and I will have to live without the product for the weeks while you assess and repair (or potentally say this is a design flaw and there is nothing you can do), this seems very unfair. Do I REALLY have to pay shipping costs?

I now have the solution … I’ve returned the tablet to the vendor who have provided post paid for a full refund.