[vi8] Problem with camera

I have a problem with the camera of my chuwi VI8 (normal version).
When I launch the camera app I get this error: 0xA00F4244
How can I solve this?
I use Windows 10

Thank you,

Go to device manager and check Camera if there is a problem with the driver (yellow triangle)

I have the same problem. In addition, in device manager it don´t appear.
I put my pc on default mode and it didn´t appear too.
Where I can find the driver?

I have a Lapbook pro

[Official Version] Chuwi Lapbook Pro Windows, Driver Download

Chuwi Lapbook Pro Windows Download:http://www.mediafire.com/folder/iinlbolj10tre/Windows

Driver :
Chuwi Lapbook Pro Driver Download:

I m not a professional. Would you explain how i can install it. Which one I need.
I would be very grateful.