Warrant Service

Hi there.

How do I find a list of authorized service stores for warranty maintenance?

I got a Lapbook pro in June that just had the screen die on me. Nothing shows up when powering it up. I tried the aftersale email, but no response in over 48h. Not even an automated email.

Thanks in advance

Is your device is totally new? I hope you will get warranty card while buying? Didn’t you ask for the warranty to the seller?

Thanks for the response Dentong22.

The device is a few week old. So too old to the regular return policy.

I got en email from the post-service account stating that they do not have a US based warranty service network, and that I would have to mail it to Hong Kong, whenever the country reopens.

Fortunately, Amazon made an exception, and allowed me to return the laptop outside their regular return policy. Now I am looking for a replacement laptop (unlikely to be Chuwi).

Unfortunately, I have 3 other Chuwi Laptops in the business. At this point I am crossing my fingers they will last until end of Warranty. If they give me any problems, I will simply replace them as it is unlikely that they will be worth the price to ship to Hong Kong. Best case scenario I can reuse the SSDs and memory (need to check if they are soldered to the MB).