Warranty contact center

Does anyone have the working email adres of the support?
I have a rma running, i send the device back and i get an error that the device could not be delivered. when i send an email i do get an NDR that the mail adres (support@chuwi.com) is not existing.

@Bartje_n I have checked your ticket 12271,and i saw you sent the box but could not be delivered. We have 3 days holidays, but on Sunday come back to office. I will ask my colleague to talk with Germany Repair center and check what happened.
On the meantime , if you could call the company you used, because they should know the exact reason, maybe on their internal system.

I asked them, still no answer.
I also get an NDR that the email support@chuwi.com is no longer existing.

Sometimes the server of emails have some issues,do not worry that i already have your case pending and i will tell my colleague next day in office.
If you receive an answer from delivery company, write back here.

@Bartje_n Can you please send us the tracking number of your package? My colleague is trying to find what was the issue. She wrote you an email.