What is the reasonable time to repair a product?

I bought a laptop in April of this year and after using it for 1 month it stopped working. I contacted support and sent it in for repair in early June. Since then, no one has been able to tell me anything else! There is no forecast, nothing… After several emails I received an email saying to wait patiently (1 month ago). After 2 months I don’t know what to do anymore! I ask, is this what they call support? Do you think it’s reasonable to leave a customer waiting for more than 2 months, without any prediction of when the situation will be resolved?

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I’m in a similar situation. Sent the laptop for repair in the end of June, and no updates since. It’s pathetic.

Were you guys effing born yesterday? When you buy these cheap as hell Chinese devices and they come faulty whatever you decide to do YOU DON’T SEND THEM BACK FOR REPAIR. They just either steal them and resell them or plain discard them. You get what you pay for, and with these manufacturer customer support is not within what you pay for. If you are not willing to assume the risk stick to Dell, Lenovo, HP, etcetera.

If the service center and you both are in the same country or if the company has an office in your country, check the applicable consumer laws and file a lawsuit to claim damage in terms of mental agony and loss of electronic device.