What's the differences among Hi Pen versions?

Hi all, first post here as I just received my Hi10 X!

Mine arrived with H7 stylus. I’m a bit disappointed that it uses a AAAA cell instead of a rechargeable battery like H6. Despite the battery and colors what differs these pens? What’s the expected lifetime of the AAAA cell?

AFAIK, the only difference between H6 and H7 is the color and the fact that the H6 has a rechargeable battery.

I’ve been using the H6 pretty much daily and have had to charge it only 3 times since May 2020, so I’d say the battery life is pretty good with the rechargable battery. However, based on my use of the H3-pen with AAAA on the Hi10X, battery life is even better with a non-rechargable battery, since I’ve only replaced it once in that same duration. And that was after about two months of using the Hi10X, so I’d say the battery that was supplied by Chuwi was already pretty depleted on delivery. The new battery has been working since August 2020.

Conclusion: You might consider getting an H6 for the rechargable battery, but the power draw in these pens is so low to begin with it’s not really an issue I’d reckon.

Thank you very much for the reply. I was considering purchasing a pair of rechargeable AAAA batteries for my pen (cheaper than buy H6 pen), but based on your use case, I think I can simply get some good spare cells.