Which Hair Dryer to buy?


I have a question. Does it make a difference whether you use a no-name hair dryer or a super great hair dryer with extensions and stuff? Does it really bring something or is it all the same?

I wanted to buy a simple hair dryer like this one https://productz.com/en/pyt-tourmaline-ionic-pro-hair-dryer and now I am wondering is it better to buy an more expensive one from Phillips, BaByliss or Remington or to stick whit this one :smiley:

Hello Simmon, go to your local supermarket and the will have an array of excellent hairdryers that will cost between £20 and £40. They all blow hot warm and cold air at varying speeds of your setting. Most will have nozzles to do different tasks and most even very expensive one are mostly made in China ( no disrespect to China ) . If you bought a Dyson hairdryer and didn’t like it your out of pocket in a big way so if you pay a lot less you won’t loose out too much. One final thing … not everyone has the same hair.