Windows 10 downgrade to windos 7

If i downgrade to windows 7 ultimate from windowa 10 preinstalled OS it is okay or not? Im not familiar in win10home i decide to downgrade win7 using bootable usb. My question is after i downgrade to win7 its automatically all system driver of laptop are there? Or i need to manual installed?

Hello Koneng,
I have never used Windows 7 but it is often highly praised by people who have used it. In defence of Windows 10 and 11 I would like to say this. Try and go with windows 11. I guess that your laptop is a modern device which will go better with the latest operating system rather than a system that is no longer supported and is not up to getting the very latest security updates that are needed more than ever in the cyber world. It is better to get used to the latest version than be stuck in the past.

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Im almost 13years user of windows 7 from my dekstop this is the first time ill experience the features of windos 10 :sweat_smile: thats why i want to downgrade to windows 7 but because of your explanatiion ill satisfy and thanks im going to windows 11 :heart:

Thank you for your reply, I am sure you will get to use W11 as good as W7. One thing I will say is this, each day I always check in settings for any and all updates and download them. This allows me to always have the most secure system. Finally think about investing in a cooling pad for your device. I would not be without mine. The cooling pad are not expensive, if you look on Amazon a good one can be bought for about £20 /20 euros . They are lightweight and quiet but most of all they keep your device completely cool while downloading or working a long time on your device. In my opinion the cooling pad extends the life of your device by stopping it getting too hot. Goodbye and enjoy W11

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