Windows 10 May 2020 update

just updated ubook pro to windows 10 May 2020 v2004. What a difference! So much faster and smoother in operation, if you haven’t tried it yet, it worked well for me!


Thanks for sharing it, I will

my Ubook pro has not yet updated to the 2004 version (it is still running 1909). It seems that it is not yet compatible !

Did you check your Windows Update under settings? It also might be region specific. Maybe it hasn’t reached your specific area yet.

I can see it is available for my Ubook Pro. I am waiting a week or two.

As always, Microsoft is gradually rolling out the update to everyone. So there might be a Ubook Pro somewhere that’s already getting the offer, while yours is a little bit further down the line to receive it. They do this to make sure they can squash any problems that might appear before they affect a huge number of people, like what would happen if they rolled out the update to everyone at once.

Seeing as there are other Ubook Pro’s already getting the 2004-update, it’s pretty safe to “skipt the line” and install it manually using the Upgrade Assistant.

For reference’s sake: My self-built desktop PC and Chuwi Hi10X are getting the update already (installing as we speak), my Ubook Pro and ancient Asus T100 aren’t.

It didn’t show in my update windows but downloaded the iso and installed or you can use windows update assistant

Good to know. I was going to hold off for fear something bad might happen. I had to do a PC Refresh the same day I got it to resolve issues so I was leary of doing anything with it. Thanks.

Better don’t do a force update. The update wasn’t available at my window update section, so I downloaded the windows update assistant, system went blank if I left it idle for a few minutes. It was not entering sleep mode and even if it went to sleep (which is much earlier before my timer setting), it can’t be revived normally. So have restart and roll back to the previous windows version which is in a way is quite easy. My system was N4100 and have upgraded to Win 10 Pro version.

It is updating… All ok

Hope still was Ok for you, I definitely find the tablet is better and more fluid after the update.

Just did the upgrade as well. Makes a big difference in fluidity indeed! Not so much the overall speed, but most animations just play way more smoothly. The whole thing feels more responsive because of it. So far none of the bugs that are being reported as well, so thumbs up!

For those holding off on the 2004-upgrade for the Ubook Pro, I can hardly overstate how much the performance of the device changes for the better. Just… Wow!

I don’t know why, but my Ubook Pro N4100 exhibited a certain laggy nature in all animations from initial setup. Especially writing with the pen was terrible, borderline unusable because of the delay in following the pen-tip or even intermittently not detecting pen-touch while writing or drawing. But basically everything from pulling in the Action Center or calling up the Task View rendered very “choppily” (if that’s even a word). I know some other threads on this forum calling out the same behaviour. I was pretty sure there was something wrong with the 1909-factory image that came installed (maybe some rogue debugging still going on in the background?), as the exact same hardware is in the Hi10X I bought for my girlfriend and that was running really smooth from day 1.

But here it comes: Whatever plagued the factory 1909-image of the Ubook Pro has clearly been fixed or erased by the 2004 update. Everything feels so much smoother and writing with the pen suddenly feels almost instantaneous. If this is what other people (mostly with the 8100Y-model) have been getting as standard performance out-of-the-box, I can see why they didn’t understand the complaints about it.

Basically: If you’re getting suboptimal performace or choppy animations on your N4100-model, install the 2004-upgrade as soon as possible (*). It really does make a huge difference!

(*) I take no responsibility whatsoever for any bugs or problems that happen during the upgrade-process :wink: