Problem update UBook Pro to Windows 10 1909

I’m having trouble upgrading Windows 10 to version 1909.
After the download, an installation starts, which reaches 20% freezes and does not move for about an hour.
Any idea where the problem lies.

I had no problem to Update.
Have you installed an external Antivirus ?

No. I just receive tablet.

I also tried Insider Preview. It downloaded, started installing, reached 73% and froze again. Neither Windows 10 1909 nor Insider Preview has an update installed. Where is the problem? I don’t understand why the update is not installed. It is not normal.

I found the following to try:

Go to: C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Diagnosis
And delete the file called: events_normal.rbs

Then try the update again.

I also read that right now Microsoft servers are overwhelmed so expect updates to hang.

Another way to try to fix this is to navigate to C:\windows and delete SoftwareDistribution folder. It will recreate upon update.

I don’t have a file with that name in this folder. Other ideas.

Update to Windows 10 Insider Preview is OK.

Ciao nickfoxx
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Allo stesso Modo puoi aggiornarlo a Windows 10 2004-19041.207.
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Saluti Sabino

Hi Sabino1943,
Thank you very much, but I was able to upgrade Windows 10 Home 1903 to Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 19608.
However, I have been involved in computers and information technology for 20 years. I’m a system administrator, as well as a web designer. This, is my web media.

I had similar problem, but I forced the computer to Shut down/ restart by long pressing power button. When the system loaded, it showed “update failed” and then “search for updates” again and this time i download everything (but it was at 20% for quite long time, half an hour or even more…)

Exactly, but it is not a problem, it seems that during the updates it has stopped because the% does not progress, being anchored in a figure, but if you put the charger and let the process finish, the% advances suddenly and ends successfully

I ran the windows 10 update tool (search for it) last night and let the tablet run all night (it took over 1 hour to get to 20%) but in the morning the update was installed.

I have approximately 200 MBPS internet, so I guess the solution is just to not give up.

Updated to Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 19608 and litle update Windows Next, and work at this time fine.