Hi10 Pro and 2004 Update?

September is almost here and the 2004 (May!!) update is still “coming” on my tablet and I’m certainly not going to install it until Windows Update says it’s officially available, but maybe I should just avoid it altogether?

For as long as I can anyway.

I installed 2004 on my Hi 10 Pro. I did a clean install so I could clean up the partitions on my drive and got all the drivers working right except the touch.

I was able to see the 1909 update in Windows Update, but it would never successfully install for me. I searched and followed every guide I could find to get the update to install.

You can force the update using a USB stick obtained from the microsoft website with the media creation tool. Once you have it, you just have to, while in Windows, enter the pendrive and run setup. In the options you will have to update Windows