Windows 10 Wifi fix

OK, I had an issue after running driver booster my wifi disappeared . So after tons of searching and support files saying bios flash , do this, do that , bla bla . I ended up on another computer , I went to Microsoft and got the creation tool with an iso of windows 10 . put it on a thumb drive ( only 16 gig ) then inserted it rebooted and the windows install started when I got to the screen showing all about the drive . I deleted all and was left with only 2 partitions . Then did NOT click new , I clicked next and the whole install started to run . all went through and did all set up and updates as the wifi installed without a glitch now this little machine runs 10x’s faster and smoother … Just wiped the crappy windows 10 off and re-installed and it’s a great little machine … Hope this helps ya all … NEVER MIND FLASHING AND ALL THE CRAP YA READ . This works

I never recommend using the driver booster, because it usually produces more problems than you can solve.
I also advise making a copy of your drivers with doubledriver for example, to be able to reinstall it when necessary.