Windows 11 working?

Hi is windows 11 compatible with this tablet? Anyone tried installation?

I am having windows 11 since the first beta.
All working…

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Thanks can you upgrade? Or clean install?Was concerned about touch screen drivers but I guess that’s not an issue

I did upgrade first from 10 to 11 everything worked flawlessly.
Then I decided to do a clean install( so I can regain around 20Gb)… I had to install drivers from this forum so could have all things working as it should.

Upgrade is easier but you end up using around 20Gb more then a fresh installed windows 11.

Have fun

Thanks could you link the post for correct drivers?

You have to check which version of the hi10X you have and search the forum for the suitable touch screen drivers.

The only reason why an upgrade uses 20Gb more is because the Windows 10-folder and files are still there, just renamed to C:/Windows.old. If you remove that folder (either directly or through the Windows Disk Cleanup in Settings) it should be about the same install size as a clean install (factoring in older cruft in the registry or extra drivers of course). This removal happens automatically as well, about 10 days after the upgrade.

This process makes sure that you can test the upgraded system thoroughly and can revert to the previous install when something isn’t working right. Upgrading Windows has worked this way since at least Windows 8.

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I installed Windows 11 on my Ubook (N4120 processor) and everything works except for the microphone. That’s a pain because some audio software relies on that and they won’t even open.

It seems Windows 11 installs a new audio driver (Intel SST) and I tried installing others and nothing has worked so far. I’m starting a new thread to see if we can sort out this issue.

I have a chuwi hi10x with the N4120 processor. I have installed windows 10 clean from 0 and the sound card does not work for me. I have tried to install Windows 11 clean and same error. There is a problem with the drivers and I get an error CODE 10 STATUS_DEVICE_POWER_FAILURE