Windows home upgrade

My Windows home is requesting to be upgraded before updates can be installed. My system is Chuwi HibookPro 10 with dual operating system. Windows 10 home and Android 5 operating system. Can I safely do the windows upgrade and retain the existing dual boot order? If so how can I go about it safely?

Windows 10 Home installed on your tablet is perfectly updatable online through Windows update.Just go to start, configuration, update and security, Windows update, check pending updates and install them. It may be necessary to restart several times

Thank you for your quick response. The message I am getting is that I am running Windows 10 version 1511 which is old, and it should be updated to the current version 1803. It requires minimum 8Gb free space.
Going by this I assume I wants to do the anniversary update which is somewhat like replacing version 1511 with version 1803. This i love, but the question is will it not mes up my dual booting?

No, it is compatible with the normal operation of the tablet.
You can also, to avoid the tedious waiting for updates, update once to the latest version of Windows. To do this you would only have to download a Windows 10 flash drive with the media management tool from the official Microsoft site. To find them you just have to type in the browser “get Windows 10”. Once downloaded, on the tablet, with Windows on, you enter the pendrive and select it in setup if it does not start alone.