Windows License not on laptop or in box

So normally all hardware with a Windows system are delivered with the license code sticker on the back of the device. I have here a GemiBook Pro that has nothing on the hardware or in the box.

As a former pc reseller, I don’t understand how this works. I always needed to give official certificates of ownership to customers. Now I need to know how do I check what my license on this hardware is and if its legal.

Windows 10 OEM no longer includes one. Technically, it is the motherboard that is licensed (if I recall, the license key is actually derived from MAC addresses of the motherboards hardware), and the license is actually part of the Firmware/Bios on OEM machinery (and can usually be added to retail motherboards if you have the right software).

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I agree with timiller76. It’s the hardware which is effectively the licence. If you need to replace a hard disk
/ SSD when you install Windows you won’t need a key like you used too.

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I’ve just purchased the same machine and the lack of any licence code or any instructions on how to register Windows really threw me for a while. Only after some Google searching did I finally manage to figure out how to retrieve the product code and register Windows.

I can’t believe that an end-user has to resort to the command line and copy paste some code - this process just felt like I was installing a dodgy copy of Windows. Chuwi must be creating their own support nightmares with oversights like this.

Mmm strange, I did not need to insert a license code.

My laptop was pre installed. I only needed to select language and after that windows installed the rest.

We aren’t talking about installing Windows, it’s registering it with Microsoft.

That’s odd. I don’t have that problem.

After setting up my device for the first time from unpackaging it was automatically registered and added to my account. screenshot below.