Windows start button critical error

Good day,

A friend asked me to take a look at his new tablet. He switched it on, run through the setup process and desktop icons came up. However, if you click on start, the following message appears:

Critical Error - Your Start menu isn’t working. We’ll try to fix it the next time you sign in.

Unfortunately restart does not help. If tablet is switched off, all is reset and out-of-box setup is started again.

Can you please advise on a solution.

My advice is to reinstall the operating system with the rom that is in this same forum. It is a simple process and you only need a Pendrive of at least 16GB capacity.

Chuwi Hi10 Air Windows :

Hi, Thanks for the reply. I did do all the downloads and created WINPE disk as per instructions. However, it ran into an error:
The system cannot find the drive specified.
“Failed to make w:\recycler\scratch directory”

Any ideas. please?