Just bought but won't turn it on

I bought this tablet arrived at home and I turned it on and I from this problem I can not get it started, I tried to start the installation of windows from usb but does not see it, as I do

Turn off by pressing the power button for 15 seconds and turn on again.
If it doesn’t resolve on its own, retype

I tried everything, even to do the reset but the problem comes back. Is there a way to reinstall windows from external media? It’s an incredible thing anyway that just bought at the first ignition gives it all these problems

I think that the problem is exclusively software because it was not installed correctly from the official rom, so it would only be necessary to repair the Windows startup with the help of a Windows 10 home flash drive downloaded from the official Windows site.
You could also perform a fresh install of Windows with the official rom downloaded from here: [Hi10 Air] [Official Version] Chuwi Hi10 Air Windows, driver, Bios download