Battery level FIX - the one that goes down in some seconds and the one that never get max power

Hi everyone, i was searching in this forum for a rapid fix about the battery level and someone say something about to ask chuwi a new one. BUT, if the new battery arrive and i have the same problem?
so i try by myself to open the minibook not caring about the warrancy, because if chuwi never answare it can be a problem to send back the minibook in warrancy. So i open it .
Remove the 6 Screws - you can leave out the hard disk screw.

just remove the battery pin.
Before reconnecting i plug it to power adaptor and it give me some problem booting. then I turn off for some minutes and then i replug the battery and close everything with no screws and still problem booting, when CHUWI word appear in the screen i press DEL and ESC to enter the bios (dont remember the right button) and i just go to save and quit and it starts normally.

After 1 hour he is at 82% from 86% so i can say that this works for the problem that battery goes down in a second. After this test i try searching something on Youtube and in a comment in a very “low profile” video, someone say that he solve the problem of the battery still at “44% for him” in the same way i describe. Remember this procedure is very very easy but you REMOVE WARRANTY so do it at YOUR OWN RISK.

That’s right.
It works for me.