Battery runs out in 10 minutes in Ubook 11,6

I was very pleased with my Ubook.

I am 955 buyer. My battery runs out in 10 minutes. Similarly, it charges at 100 % in 10 minutes.)))

What can be my actions. Can I count on a service in Russia? In Belarus?

Use; office programs, internet 2-4 hours a day.
The battery shows 99% of the charge, BUT 30 minutes remain, then 95%, but 45 minutes remain. In phones, the controller is responsible for this …

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You can try running the Intel Chipset utility to make sure the chipset drivers are up to date.

Also, you can run the Intel Driver & Support Assistant to make sure other Intel drivers are up to date.

I wrote,thanks
Installed … Thanks. But showed 3 available updates.
Intel® Graphics Solution - Windows® 10 RF Drivers
Windows® 10 Wi-Fi Drivers for Intel® Wireless Adapters

Intel® Wireless Bluetooth® for Windows® 10

Waiting for an answer from support

Same problem with battery…

Hola Ruben , te arreglaron ya la batería, a mi todavía no se han vuelto a poner en contacto ,le envié mi dirección hace 15 dias y todavía nada .

Yo tengo un problema parecido, ayer me llego la Ubook y la bateria se carga muy rapido y se descarga igual de rapido, del 50% al 100% carga en 10 minutos y tarda diez mintuos en descargarse.

Il mio problema è al contrario, da batteria 0% ma in verità si carica perché lo uso per ore ore, ma anche se è carica la batteria se spengo il tablet mi da lo screen 0% batteria e non si accende e mi devo aiutare con il cavo alimentazione. Risultato?
Icona batteria 0%
Ma la batteria è carica
Non posso accendere tablet anche se carica mi serve alimentatore corrente.
Non saprò mai la % della batteria.
Come posso risolvere?
Come vedete da foto, icona non carica con cavo alimentazione inserito, ma la verità fisica è che sta caricando

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Fatto ma prima che rispondono

Hola yo también tengo problemas de batería , compres dos tablets , una de ellas ya me han cambiado la batería el servicio técnico en España-Toledo , pero ahora tengo problemas con la otra Tablet 5 minutis y se apaga , y me carga 100x 100 en 10 minutis . estoy reclaman a Chuwi ya a través de los e-mails que tengo y, a ver si tengo respuesta , pues tardan mucho en responder

I am also having battery Issues with Chuwi Ubook original version, currently lasting around 1hr but showing erratic and inaccurate battery readings in time and % remaining.

The geniune part. is here.


thanks for sharing…

Hi all
Did anyone manage to replace the battery ? Wonder how to open the unit… If someone can help thank you

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I have managed to open the ubook. At the bottom behind the screen there are black plastic cap. Apparently there are supposed to be some screws. Mine didn’t have any ! It was just glued. I used a guitar nylon pick all around the screen to open it. I discovered that one side of the battery was inflated !

this is the reason why a quarter of my screen looks brighter due to the pressure of the battery.

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