Chuwi Hi13 problem

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Please see the attached photo, my tablet not start and show these pages SHELL…
Also see boot menu, Hard Drive: Unknown…
What is the problem and what should to do?

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Hi Sara, welcome to the forum.

It can be caused by two reasons:

  1. Very easy to fix, because the starting order of the tablet in the Bios has been modified. To check this, start the tablet and press Esc repeatedly to be taken to the Bios (first image in blue that you send). There, with the keyboard arrows you must select the Boot tab and press Enter. On the next screen, also with the fringes, go to the line that says: boot priority order and press Enter again. In the window that opens, choose Windows in the first option and press Enter. (Press enter in the first option and select Windows). Once this is done, you must save the changes and exit the Bios (normally, pressing Esc asks if you want to save the changes and exit). You must start Windows at once.

  2. If, when doing the indicated in point 1, Windows does not appear, it is necessary to check if it detects the internal storage unit eMMC, since it would be a serious problem if it did not work.

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I tested first step but not will start windows and repeat the problem.
I can not install windows or Android also and it seems not to recognize the eMMC internal storage!
In the Ubuntu live, I can see eMMC windows data but I can not format internal storage and dose an error during formatting the eMMC!
I think eMMC damaged and need to change it.

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You can try the following:

You must download with the help of a computer, a Windows 10 pendrive with the media creation tool (not an ISO).
Once you have it, you connect it to the tablet and turn it on by pressing F7 intermittently (it may be F12 on your tablet) until the Boot selection window appears.
There you select the pendrive and the Windows installation program will start. Go install Windows, custom install. In the next window ask “where do you want to install Windows?”
Check in that window if the partitions of the eMMC appear, which must be 4, including disk C. If so, cancel and go to the advanced tools of the same pendrive, in the generate menu, and select start repair.

Solved the problems by,
Thanks all

I’m glad you can enjoy your device again

I got the same problem, how did you fix it?