Hdd broken? chuwi logo loads, win 10 doesnt load, linux wont load


i ordered the windows 10 tab , after the “reset win 10” option the screen stays black (with the cursor following my finger ) and after the chuwi logo no win 10 will start

linux also wont load, same error — the battery is fine and fully loaded

and the bios says " hard disk Umknown S0J38Y 4401B7" - is the HDD broken?

how can i restore win 10 on my chuwi hi13 tab?

kind regards

I have the same error.
How can I fix this error?

Try to install original image from chuwi [Hi13] [Official Version] Chuwi Hi13 Windows, Driver, Bios Download
If you get errors try to load via live usb and write to internal memory movie or archive larger than 4GB and if it will corrupt after reload or disappears that means your emmc is broken and you need to replace it.