Chuwi their should be a live chat to customer support After Sales

After sale, we should have a live chat with the customer support instead of an email, we can’t wait the whole day for an email. It’s not productive we work and study


I understand your feeling, forgive us for not being able to provide such service on BBS.But If you want to chat live, you can go to our Facebook page

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It is not an official service but you can count on my experience and support in my Telegram group dedicated to Chuwi devices. “Chuwi General”

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@manonegra222 i don’t use telegram but thanks man i am gone send the item the chuwi for repair

Hello I just purchased a chuwi hi13 and I am completely new to this device and I need help I cannot figure out how to get audio sound and the touch screen working can anybody help me please? much appreciated