CoreBook X Touchpad detached, as if it had taken off


I have a problem witch the Touchpad of the Corebook X detached, It has not been hit or suffered sudden dilations, It has detached on one side, it has come out upwards on one side, just the side of the clicks.
Mouse movement still works but mouse clicks don’t work because the rectangular surface of the touchpad has been raised up and away from where it makes contact
Has this happened to you with any corebook X?
Is it possible to disassemble the equipment and try to fix it in its place?


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This could be caused by a swelling battery. If this is the problem, this is very dangerous and the battery could explode or set on fire.

I would suggest opening the laptop from beneath and checking whether the battery is “puffed” or inflated in any way. If it is, you must remove the battery immediately and send it to a recycling plant for safe disposal.

If, however, you open the laptop and the battery looks normal and flat, with no puffing whatsoever, then you might need to check and reapply the screws, clips or maybe glue that holds down the touchpad.

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You may follow what olorinhenderson suggested. In any of the cases/scenarios, if your device still under warranty, contact and activate it.

I have exactly the same problem with my corebook x. I use a trackball to replacing. Default conception I think

Yes, it seems like the typical swollen battery problem. It happened to my CoreBook X while still under warranty. I contacted technical support, they sent me a new battery, which I installed in place of the defective one, and the problem was solved.