Drivers pack CHUWI GemiBook Pro (J4125) (8/256)

Help with CHUWI GemiBook Pro (J4125) (8/256) laptop! After installing a Samsung 860 evo 500Gb SSDm2 in the second slot, the first slot with the factory Netac 256Gb SSD stopped working!!! It is not visible anywhere in Bios!! I put other SSDs in this slot, but they also do not work. It seems that the slot itself, or something else does not work !!! Works only one slot which was empty. Help what is the problem???

Additionally, I ask for a link to all drivers for the CHUWI GemiBook Pro (J4125) laptop (8/256)

Is there an option to activate them in the BIOS?

Bios does not see it! Sees only 1 SSDm2.

Only the first slot that was empty sees the BIOS.

When I install Windows on this slot, the installation comes to an empty SSD window and asks to install a driver (which I don’t have). Does each slot have its own driver ???

I don’t think so, I think the SSDm2 has software that must be installed that has the drivers and software to work.

I found a site with a bit similar problem. Read the text in green, best solution. Hope you can use it to get it to work. So impotant is that the SSDm2 first needs a UEFI boot sector to show in the BIOS.

Bios does not see the SSD in the slot. What is the boot priority … Slot 1 itself stopped working, as a second SSD was installed in slot 2

What I understand is that you have slot 1 original SSD boot and slot 2 empty on start.

Then you filled slot 2 with a new compatible non formatted SSD and started the machine and no drives were visible, nothing to set in the BIOS?

Then I assume you pulled the new SSD from slot 2, so the laptop was in the original state and did boot normal? So laptop and slot 1 do function.

You did get into the BIOS to check if boot priority change, but you could not find that option to change it to the empty slot 2?

So you pulled the original SSD and mounted the new SSD it in the working slot 1, and tried the to format the new SSD UEFI? (Or formatted it on another computer before putting it in slot 1.) Or did the laptop not boot when the new SSD was in slot 1 and slot 2 empty?

Could it be that the SSD or slots broke or were damaged due to static ?

If you did all of that, I have no clue, and maybe slot 2 does not function.

Empty slot works fine!!! And the factory slot stopped working after installing the ssd in an empty slot! It’s a mystery to me too. I sent the laptop to the manufacturer.

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I do not know what is the reason for the failure of the factory slot number 1. The second slot works properly, is determined in the BIOS, loaded. The static is excluded. Tried to format the factory ssd - the result is the same. The slot does not define any ssd m2! Sent the laptop to the manufacturer.

Hello! Help, need bios for laptop JXX-BI-14.1-W133GWR200-035-D version