Gemibook with NVME drives?

Alguién puede ayudar?

Gemibook doesn’t support NVME :frowning: This is official respond to my question from Chuwi support: “We are sorry that our machines are not compatible with nvme SSD. Our machines are generally SSD compatible with SATA protocol.”


Same here.
Wasted 2 hrs of my life trying to install a Samsung 970 EVO Plus 1 TB PCIe NVMe M.2 (2280) Internal Solid State Drive (SSD), not detected in BIOS/ System no matter what I tried.

Shame CHUWI.

Chuwi still says now “What’s more, GemiBook supports NVMe protocol 2280 SSD”

Wont trust Chuwi anymore.

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It’s either deceiving or extremely ignorant, any of which is terrible. Definitely dissapointed, I counted on having my cutting-edge NVMe installed on my Gemibook…

I also have the same problem . So,I asked Chuwi support desk to solve it. The answer is here.

Hello, he only supports SATA

Regards Jim

My Gemibook runs with M.2 SATA SSD without any trouble but cannot detect NVMe card.

I think it is just a bios issue and should hopefully be sorted fairly soon.
I have requested a raw bios file so I can inject my own nvme drivers into it and rebuild the bios and see if I can get it to recognize, I have had this issue on a few motherboards that I was able to patch the bios to support nvme.

So hopefully then get me the file soon, or they fix it themselves and release the bios fix.

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is problem solved?


They should fix it, if possible! Or else it is a serious mislead for customers! This is not acceptable for this size of a company, it can serious damage their image. Hope eventually nvme be supported or else nobody who knows, will take them serious again.

No this is not fixed. I just got my replacement phone in and now I can make the requested video.

In the video you will see that several letter keys and several Function keys do not work.

As well that the nvme is not detected.
I did not demonstrate the black screen after the bios change for the operating system as it will kill off the computer with a black screen untill the batter is totally dead for some time so it resets the bios.

I have shared it here for you.

Looking for an update as to what we can do to fix these issues with the defective laptop

Same problem here… On a Gemibook Pro. Impossible to install an NVMe SSD Samsung. The Bios doesn’t reconise the SSD. I’ve tried to change all I could in the bios, try two different SVMe SSD, but nothing worked.

On the Gemibook presentation page they have changed the description of the M2 expansion slot to SATA compatibility. They no more talk about NVMe. Very strange… And disapointing.

Need an answer from Chuwi on this mess.

Same here…

I wish I knew what they mean by M.2 SATA only? Any specific models?
M.2 and 2280.
Also my Gemibook has apparently a Kingston SSD installed which is not recognised by any Kingston utility :thinking:
Did anyone open the Gemibook to see what exactly SSD is installed?

OK! It was driving me crazy and needed to solve this.
CHUWI is right. NVME is not supported. Only older M.2 SATA ones they have both M and B keys (more)

The confusing part is the slot. An NVME will fit just right but it will not work.
I tried with one Gamerking SSD M.2 2242 256GB NGFF (link) which I had spare and it worked!
So the Gemibook can have a second SSD. Just not a NVME one .
Time to send back the WD Blue I bought…


GemiBook page in English was already modified, but page in Japanese does still tell “2280 NVMe SSDを増設できです” (*)

GemiBook page in Japanese
page should be fixed asap before people misunderstand.

(*) this Japanese sentence includes typo “できです”. “できます” is correct and the mean of that sentence is that “you can expand storage with 2280 NMVe SSD”

Hello, I can confirm, I’ve bought a GemiBook Pro 16gb+512gb on December, in the M.2 2280 expansion bay I’ve installed a M.2 2280 SSD SATA successfully, it is recognized by the BIOS.
But when I tried to replace the M.2 2280 SSD SATA described above with a M.2 2280 SSD NVMe, it hasn’t been recognized.
Then I confirm, NVMe seems to be not an option for Gemibook Pro.
I also wrote to, in order to receive an answer and a solution to this problem, no answer so far.
Someone else has received a solution from Chuwi support ?

It is not really a problem …it is just misinformation

It has to be clear than the available slot is for SATA SSD .

just to confirm that Chuwi itself said me NVMe is not supported in Gemibook Pro.

Very bad…
I can obviously survive well with a SATA M.2 SSD instead of a NVMe SSD but I’m disappointed.

You will not really notice a difference. The CPU will be a bottleneck…
And for 250euro laptop there is no reason to be disappointing IMHO.

I am also having the same problem with my Gemibook.

Can anybody help?

Just to make it very clear, what requirements does it have to meet?

SATA M.2 all brands ?

M or B or M+B ?

Multi or Triple Level Cell (TLC) ?

IOPS 80 or 100,000 ?

240Gb > 2TB will all work?