Freebook 2023 touchpad doesn't work (solved)

I have this laptop maybe second month. Bought in Poland. Today touchpad stopped working. I have second operating system on this laptop and it doesnt work in both, so this is not Windows driver or settings issue. It’s really disapointing. What should i do now ? I use it daily for work, will I get replacement right away or have to wait weeks for service ?

Also keyboard backlight doesnt work anymore, I guess they have something common.

Have you checked in Bios if the touchpad is disabled or any change on configuration?
In which store did you buy? ALiexpress,

The minibook can disable and enable the touchpad with Fn Esc. Maybe this laptop works the same?

FN - escape has reenabled the touchpad - funny. There are no bios settings neither for touchpad nor for backlights. I just learnet that FN keys work on hardware level :slight_smile:

Im glad everything worked :slight_smile:

me puedes decir como lo hiciste? estoy en ese problema.

Mira si pulsando FN + ESC puedes hacer que el teclado vuelva a funcionar